Caring for God’s Good Creation by Living Sustainably


-Actions We All Can Take


Toe – Dipping

Getting In Deeper

Immersed As A Way Of Life

1.   Establish the

ancient practice of Sabbath economics in your family’s life. At this initial level keep it simple but meaningful by avoiding purchasing anything on one specific day each week.


 1.       Change your personal economics to support  local based business such as Community Co-Operatives, community businesses, Credit Unions etc.


 1. Divest your savings and retirement accounts from Fossil Fuel stocks & mutual funds. If it’s immoral to destroy the earth then it’s also immoral to profit from its destruction.


 2.       Educate yourself on Global Warming via  books & websites from the recommended list of resources.(see below)*


 2.       Join a group which explores life sustainability issues. No local group? Start one.


 2.   Become an advocate for change by equipping yourself to counter the arguments of greed based denial promoted by Oil, Coal, Gas Companies.


 3.       Adjust your driving habits to improve mileage. Easy on that gas pedal, fill tires, combine trips to minimize mileage. Share a ride.


 3.       Time to trade in that gas guzzler for a car that gets 45+ mpg.


 3.   Time to seriously consider an electric vehicle purchase.


 4.       Change all home lighting to energy efficient lamps. Consider LED lamps.


 4.  Time to invest in high efficiency appliances, hot water, furnace and air conditioning systems.


 4.   Install a source of renewable energy on your house i.e. Solar Panels, Solar Heater or sponsor someone.


 5.       Walk or bike once a week to close by destinations. Good for the body & the soul.



 5.  Get serious about using low carbon public transportation for long trips. If not then offset the carbon pollution through conservation efforts.


 5.   Reduce your family’s carbon footprint to equal or less than the European avg. which is about ½ of the USA.

6.       Change your thermostat by 3 degrees, up in Summer & down in Winter. Also lower the temp setting on your hot water & wash clothes in cold water.



  1.  Conduct an energy audit of house and correct deficiencies.



  1.  Time to consider downsizing your home? Do you really need all that space and the energy it requires?



7.       Consider whether to repair an item rather than replacing it with something new. Take an initial step away from our disposable consumer society.



  1. Begin a sharing cooperative with neighbors and family members. Does everyone really need all the same tools and garden equipment or can we share?



  1. Advocate for an economic pricing system that includes the total cost from production, consumption, impact on the environment and disposal.



8.       Write your Congress Rep. say you believe Global Warming to be a real issue enough to affect how you will vote.



  1. Write/Call Congress monthly on the urgent need for Federal measures to reduce the emissions of CO2



  1.  Visit your Congress Reps. local and in D.C. with a consistent message on the need to act now.



9.       Use Public Transportation when possible. If it’s not possible then complain to your local Government over its lack of availability.



  1. Use your Social Media Platforms and contacts to spread the word.





  1.  Skip the Christmas presents and help a poorer family save some energy this year.



10.   Go “meat-less” one day a week as meat has 10X the effect on the environment. (Meat-less Mondays?)





  1.  Add a second or even a third “meat-less” day to weekly schedule (Try again Tues., Fish Fridays?)



  1.  Change diet to routinely eat more seasonally available local foods. Give up red meat as it has triple the cost on earth resources.



11.   Give up the disposable plastic water bottle habit and then move on to eliminate other disposable products.



  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle becomes a daily practice of life. Special emphasis on the “Reduce” part which often gets skipped.



  1. Be a visible sign!


Consider participating in Non-Violent Protests & Civil Disobedience direct actions.



12.   Tell Family, friends & neighbors that Global Warming is an issue of real concern to you.



  1. Challenge your Church that responding to Global Warming is an issue of Gospel Justice. Host a Climate  presentation & discussion



  1.  Seek out opportunities and platforms to educate & advocate. Host a neighborhood discussion.



13.   Shop local Farm Markets, Food is healthier when it doesn’t travel thousands of miles.



  1.  Start a Neighborhood Vegetable Garden.



  1. Live your life in a way as if your kid’s future depends on it because it actually does.



14.   Support one of the groups that are advocates for a sustainable world such as Sierra, Earth Justice or NRDC. There is power in numbers.



  1. Get involved, join Citizens Climate Lobby to actively Lobby for a Carbon Tax


-or join one of the groups such as that are working hard  to get Colleges, Churches, Municipalities etc. to divest from Fossil Fuel Companies.



  1. Recognize that at its heart this is an issue which requires political answers in response to a human induced global crisis. We need to do whatever is required to move past our Political denial stage.




Need more Info? Try these Reading and Web Resources


Storms of My Grandchildren by James Hansen; Eaarth by Bill McKibben; Plan B 4.0 and/or World on the Edge both by Lester R. Brown; Wired Wisdom by Susan Thistlethwaite; A New Climate For Theology by Sally McFague; Reinventing Fire –Amory Lovins & Rocky Mountain Institute; Cooler-Smarter-Practical Steps For Low Carbon Living – Union Of Concerned Scientists;; Climate;; Sierra;; Climate; Union Of Concerned;




Interested in Hosting a Presentation?




Rev. Dr. Terry Gallagher


Critical Issues of Ecological Justice


A Ministry of Education, Advocacy & Action


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Video link to Sermon Message "That I Might See" at First Congregational Church Downers Grove

This site features audio, video and writing messages of Rev. Terry Gallagher. 

In his ministry as a public theologian, Rev. Gallagher shares his unique experiences, life lessons, and teaching through a progressive Christian lens to reflect on the critical issues of today in a way that attempts to make faith relevant to our life decisions & values.

  Mark 9: 38-50  Sermon message at the First Congregational United Church of Christ, Gibraltar, Michigan

Fri, Nov 08, 2013
Prepared statement for presentation to the U.S. EPA listening session on regulating carbon emissions from Power Plants held in Chicago, IL on November 8, 2013.
Sun, Dec 16, 2012
Duration:4 mins 52 secs
Rev. Gallagher reflects on his efforts to make Christ visible in Christmas
A voice boldly proclaiming Progressive Christian Theology in the Public Square
Mon, Oct 01, 2012
Rev Terry Gallagher shares his immersion experience at Centro Romero San Ysidro Ca. He views the cause of the immigration crisis as desperate economics!

Sun, Dec 16, 2012
Duration:25 mins 54 secs
Opening Prayers of the People followed by Children's message of 3rd Sunday in Advent, Gospel reading of Luke 3-7-18, then Gospel Storytelling from John the Baptist, and concluded with personal reflections on how we might all make Christ more visible in Christmas.
Sun, Dec 09, 2012
Duration:19 mins 20 secs
2nd Sunday in Avent message of Peace from the First Congregational Church UCC of Gibraltar.
Sun, Dec 02, 2012
Duration:22 mins 39 secs
Children lesson on advent, followed by Gospel reading and sermon message at the First Congregational Church in Gibraltar Mi
Sun, Nov 18, 2012
Duration:19 mins 54 secs
Lectionary Gospel Reading Mark 13: 1-8 followed by Sermon Message at the First Congregational UCC Church Gibraltar, Mi.
Sun, Nov 04, 2012
Duration:16 mins 3 secs
Gospel reading and sermon message on the one question asked in all the gospels - What must I do in order to live?
Sun, Nov 04, 2012
Duration:3 mins 36 secs
Reflections on Remembrance Sunday - at the First Congregational UCC Church, Gibraltar Mi.
Mon, Oct 29, 2012
Duration:11 mins 45 secs
Gospel reading Mark 10:46-52 and sermon at the First Congregational UCC Church - Gibraltar, Mi.
Sun, Oct 07, 2012
Duration:22 mins 52 secs
Lectionary Gospel Reading and Sermon message from the First Congregational UCC Gibraltar Mi.
Sun, Sep 16, 2012
Duration:18 mins 27 secs
Sermon Message at First Congregational United Church of Christ, Rochester, Mi
Rev. Terry Gallagher is ordained in the United Church of Christ and is currently serving as interim pastor at the First Congregational Church UCC, Gibraltar Mi.

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